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A Secret For Attracting Women Only The Pros Know
The other day I was talking to a buddy of mine, a real rock star at attracting women, about, of all things, Bill Gates. We were discussing how Gates's financial problems are vastly different from the average person. Bill spends his days fretting over ways to either make more money or sustain the money he has, while most people concern themselves with making money in the first place. The man lives in a completely different reality from most of us. As we were chatting about Mr. Microsoft, something dawned on us...

Flirting Tips : How To Flirt With Women
I want to talk about the concept of "flirting", and why it's SO important that you understand exactly what it is and how to do it with women.

Online Dating Advantages / Disadvantages
In most cases, the experiences gained with online dating are positive ones. Even if you never make a love connection, you can make many new friends. Thousands of people have met online through a dating service, built a friendship, and then gone on to be married. Therefore, if you are thinking about joining an online dating service, you should expect something positive to come from it. However, along with all the advantages, there are some disadvantages to consider.

Appropriate Communication
As you begin your venture with online dating, it is important to remember that while there are tremendous advantages, there are some disadvantages. Unlike traditional dating, you do not have the benefit of seeing a person face-to-face, which helps you judge reactions. With online dating, you are learning about a person on words only! While this is great for getting to know someone for their heart and not their looks, it also creates the challenge in that you cannot see the reactions that go along with the words.

Flirt Online
You might be asking yourself, "How in the world do you flirt online?" With the online dating services today, you will find a number of ways to flirt. For starters, many of the larger dating services are designed with built-in tools that do all the flirting for you. These would include sending someone a wink, a special message, or blowing someone a kiss.

Starting Over with Online Dating
Have you recently come out of a relationship that you thought would never end? If so, taking that step to get back into dating can be a little frightening, which is why online dating is such an incredible solution. Since you control just how fast things move and how much information is shared, you can get past the last failed relationship and start all over again.

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