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When Planning Your Wedding Dont Forget The Lingerie

For most new couples the honeymoon is looked forward to at least as much as the wedding, maybe more. We look to this day as a once in a lifetime event and it should be treated with that kind of reverence. If we look at it this way then we should realize that the choice of sexy lingerie and underwear should be just as important as choosing a wedding dress and it isn't just for the honeymoon but you should have it on underneath your wedding gown as well. This is your day to go all out and make yourself look and feel as sexy and beautiful as possible. There are huge selections of bridal lingerie available in varied styles, colors, and sizes, especially bridal bustiers and corsets designed to enhance and support underneath the wedding gown while flattering the wedding dress you have chosen.

You should choose your wedding dress first, once you have done this now it's time to go lingerie shopping! Remember, this is a special day. The lingerie and underwear you choose should reflect this. You also want to be sure that the bridal lingerie you choose goes along with the wedding dress. If you have a low cut back on your dress you want to be sure that the corset does not come above it. If you are going with a strapless or off the shoulder wedding dress you will probably want to go with a bustier to really show off the dress as well as yourself! A bustier will be much more supportive, wrapping around your body and pushing up your breasts. You will definitely want to make this your choice if you are full figured or wearing a low cut back.

If your dress is backless you will probably want to go with an adhesive bra though I don't recommend it if you are large up top! For panties you will want something that fits close to the body and if you have a tight fitting gown you may want to consider a thong. Remember you don't want any panty lines. Don't skimp on the hosiery. You should choose a very high quality set of hosiery that will not be prone to snagging or tearing and at the same time is very complimentary to the dress. Don't hold back, go all out and make your wedding day a special one.

Gregg Hall is a business consultant and author for many online and offline businesses and lives in Navarre Florida with his 16 year old son. Get sexy bridal lingerie from http://www.sexiestlingerieplus.com

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