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Ways tO Kill Your Relationship

The list of things that can happen to harm one's relationship is staggering, but probably the most unbelievable thing about it is that nearly everything that regularly causes couples to break up is, simply put, STUPID. At least 95% of relationship issues are totally avoidable with a little common sense, loyalty, and integrity, and you can see that by looking at the following 5 most common culprits for relationship death. 1) Cheating on your partner.

Absolutely inexcusable, and both guys and girls do it. I can't even tell you how many times my friends' and family's hearts have been utterly ripped from their chests because the people they love cheated on them. Being unfaithful shatters trust and causes the person being cheated on to doubt his or herself. If you love your partner, you love him or her enough not to cheat.

If you can't control your sex drive enough to stay faithful to the love of your life, then you're nothing more than a subhuman animal and you deserve to be alone. 2) Lack of even a smidgeon of trust in your partner. Ladies are stereotyped as being the worst with this, but guys are just as bad sometimes. People, your partner is not going to go rambling around and getting into trouble with members of the opposite sex if you leave him or her alone for fifteen minutes.

Endless phone calls to check in on your partner, harassment as to where he or she has been the instant he/she gets in the door.it can be funny in the movies, but in real life it's exhausting and claustrophobic. If you can't trust your partner, you shouldn't be in a relationship with him or her. Lay off. 3) Lack of regard for your partner's feelings, or emotional support. I know, it's such a cliched expression that I feel silly just using it, but not giving your partner the emotional support he or she needs is a painful and self-esteem damaging thing.

When the one you love has a difficult time seeing how much you DO love him or her, it hurts! Most of this can be helped just by listening to your partner.really listening, and responding like a human person rather than a parrot. A little support from the one who loves you isn't too much to ask, so don't be stingy in giving it. 4) Letting fights get out of their role.

Whenever two people are stuck together for extended periods of time, even if those people love each other desperately and passionately, there are going to be clashes where one person feels one way and the other a different way.that's life, that's relationships. It can even be healthy to clear the air sometimes, but when you let a fight expand outside the boundary of being helpful, it starts really harming your relationship.

Don't just shrug off your partner's concerns, but don't take fights too seriously either. Oh, and a tip for making fights a little less impactful: give in every now and again. ;) 5) Boredom and lack of spontanaeity. I feel physical pain every time I hear about a happy couple breaking up because the relationship became stale and boring.

There is so very little reason why your time with the one you love should end up becoming more of a day-to-day routine than a constant joy. Do what's needed to make things stay interesting and fun! You're two great people in love, why shouldn't every day together be a blessing? Letting a relationship reach its expiration date should be a crime, because it's just such a tragic waste. Although unforseen things can happen, these basic 5 things are usually the worst of the relationship-killers. Luckily though, with a little loyalty and compassion you can prevent a lot of the things that could cripple your relationship! And when you think about it, is that really too much to ask you to do for the one you love and who loves you? So try your hardest not to hurt your partner with these stupid and avoidable problems. There's no reason the two of you can't be swimming in happiness together, so long as you make a little effort to be a human being.

and I don't see that as an unfair requirement.

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