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Ukraine Brides Wealth of Cultural Heritage

Before the girls become Ukraine brides they are fiances. An engagement ceremony takes place where both the would be bride and would be groom exchange rings, which are customarily made of gold, but if they aren't it is not an issue. After the engagement the would be couple goes to the town hall and fill up the application for marriage.

The marriage permission usually comes after an interval of one to three months - time in which the young people get to know each better. The young people in Ukraine mostly marry in their early 20s - and hence the time for waiting is a good opportunity to think whether they really want to get married or not. When the wedding day comes there is a lot of beautiful customs that the Ukraine brides have to perform before they get married. The Ukraine marriage is actually full of fun all the way from the Ukraine bride's house till the Church.

All the way the groom will have to go over many obstacles which the bride's maids usually put in his and help him only when he pays them money. The Ukraine brides are usually hidden and the groom will have to pay a hefty ransom to get her out. This is paid usually with candy boxes, money or wine or champagne bottles. It is great fun to coordinate and participate in the ransom party.

The brides have bride's maids for help and the grooms have best men. They both help their respective parties to get dressed and generally to get ready for the weeding. The Ukraine marriage usually takes place in the Church, though the marriage is solemnized in the country hall as per the law. After the wedding the Ukraine brides usually throw fistful of millets into the crowd. This is believed to bring good luck to all those who catch a few grains. It is also believed that if a young unmarried girl sleeps with these grains under her pillow, she will get an indication about her would be husband.

The wedding party or reception is always a lavish affair with live band and dancing and dinning. There is a wedding ceremony master whom in Ukraine is called Tamada - who conducts and initiates all the rituals that need to be observed post the wedding ceremony. The bride usually goes to live with her husband in her husband's place. The newly wed couple will be welcomed in their new house with a bread, which is called Karavay, and salt. Both of these symbolize prosperity and fertility.

There is another reception at the boy's house before the newly weds settle with their married life. It is also customary to go for a few weeks out to celebrate the honey moon which sometimes takes place right in the city in a posh hotel or outside the country, depending upon the financial capacity of the couple. Of course it is usually customary for the couple to go on a quick honeymoon but as stated before it is not entirely necessary and the honeymoon is not always the best way to end the wedding. Just living together is the best thing that this new couple can do a honeymoon is a great way to spend some time together and it can be great for the new couple.

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