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The Best Of Romanian Cuisine Food For The Soul

The people of Romania really know how to enjoy food. You will find the Romanians stacking their tables with all sorts of delicious food, especially on certain special occasions which call for a feast. Nowadays talking about good food habits is the "in thing".

Nutritionists and doctors are writing articles and columns in almost all the magazines and newspapers about the benefits of eating healthy food, like raw and seasonal fruits and vegetables, fresh from the garden. It means that we should not indulge ourselves in junk food, at least not very often. The people of Romania are perfectly aware of what healthy food means. However, they have not abandoned their traditionally fine cooking completely in order to subscribe to the health food fad. In every corner of Romania there are regional culinary specialties. For example, take the cuisine of Transylvania.

They make a particular Sunday meal according to their tradition, which consists of a chicken noodle soup. This soup is not an everyday kind of soup either. It has to be prepared at home and, moreover, the chicken has to be raised in their own home poultry. This soup is so special that you can find it in any Romanian cookbook or list of recipes. Several items of Romanian cuisine, which are considered as traditional as the famous noodle soup, are actually borrowed from the cuisine of other cultures. For instance, they usually have a special dish of schnitzel, an Austrian item, along with fried potatoes every Sunday after returning from the church.

Like many other people in the world, the Romanians have a long established tradition of going to church on Sundays. And having schnitzel with the finest quality wine and palinca (a strong drink made from grapes or prunes) is almost like a ritual which they are practicing till date. For dessert, women usually bake special cookies and all sort of pies. The most famous of them are the pies and the cookies made with nuts cream or vanilla, baked, of course, in the oven of the wood stove. Romanians also have a tradition in baking homemade bread in a special earth made oven.

The homemade bread is a big, spongy affair and is still made with traditional ingredients without any artificial additives. It contains potatoes and wheat flour as in the past. It remains one of the famous traditional preparations, because it is delicious, with a crunchy outer crust and soft inside. Whether there are special original traditional famous Romanian food specialties, or some borrowed influences, the variety of the cooking department is huge.

No matter what we are talking about, all the results can be categorized as tasty. In this era of beautifully packaged food around the world, people tend to buy food, which has a more appealing package. Mostly these people are from the younger generation, and have never got an opportunity to taste something fresh from their own home garden or a chicken raised in their own home poultry. Though Romanians try to be traditional in their food habits, nowadays a fair number of people are opting for dining out often or having packaged food at home. This is mostly because they have no time or energy left to cook after having to cope with their hectic timetables.

But the wonderful traditional cuisine of Romania is in a class of its own and should be tried by everyone. It is just not possible to avoid falling in love with mouth watering Romanian delicacies, like the delectable "sarmale" (cabbage rolls) or the soups and "ciorba" (broth).

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