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So far with our online dating discussions we have looked at ways to tell the married guys from the single guys in the online dating scene. There are many tips you can follow regarding online dating to make sure you have found a legitimate individual. Being reluctant to divulge his phone number is another good indicator that a man is married. The majority of men prefer to give their numbers to the woman so that the woman can contact them without telling their own numbers. They are anxious that the women feel safe and secure with them. Married men, however, want to keep their own numbers a secret.

They'd prefer to have yours so that they can call when it's convenient for them. If you've already given a man your phone number, and he still resists giving you his, then most likely he's married. Besides considering the phone number problem, you will probably find that his calls come at different times than you'd expect.

Does he call sometimes very late at night? Are there days at a time when he hardly calls at all? You need to ask yourself these and other questions about his calls, because you can learn a lot from this information. Ask yourself why he doesn't call when he gets off work each day. Think about why he only shared a cell phone number with you instead of home and work numbers. What is this guy trying to hide?.

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