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General Online Dating Tips

There are millions of fish in the Internet sea, but to determine whether to reel them in, or simply cut bait. If you are single and looking for someone, whether that is an email friend, a casual relationship or something serious, meeting people online can be very rewarding. Online dating web sites offer a fun, exciting and secure environment for interacting and meeting with other single people online. If you decide to take that all important step of meeting someone in real life, remember, common sense is by far your best safety tool.

These tips will help you navigate the online personals terrain safely, so that with just a few clicks of your mouse and some common sense tips, you’ll find exactly what you are looking for:

Online Dating Tip #1 – Stay Positive and Pace Yourself!

When e-mailing and IM-ing (Instant Messaging) with others, be positive, upbeat and honest. Just like when you’re meeting people for the first time in "real life," it’s never a good idea to bombard someone with the unadulterated story of your life complete with every road bump and detour. Keep the honesty, but don’t overwhelm your online friend with too much information too soon. Pace yourself!

Online Dating Tip #2 – Photos are Powerful!

Pictures say a thousand words. Include one! Profiles that include photos get many more responses than text-only ones!

Online Dating Tip #3 – Demonstrate Why You’re Unique

Round out your profile with interesting information that highlights your unique personality, background and interests. Everyone enjoys walks on the beach and snuggling up by the fireplace…. so go beyond the ordinary and offer up detail on authors you’re inspired by, places you’ve visited or dreamed about seeing, etc. Go beyond the ordinary and you’ll reap the rewards!

Online Dating Tip #4 – Meet People at Your Own Pace

Don’t feel pressured to meet face to face before you’re ready. Men usually do better when they let women control the pace of the online relationship, since a woman may need a little more time to feel safe. Men would do well to let women know they are interested in meeting face-to-face, but then to step back and let the woman say when.

Online Dating Tip #5 – Close the Deal!

After you meet someone that you like, cinch a second meeting after the date, by looking directly into his or her eyes and saying, "I had a really great time with you, it was a lot of fun."

Online Dating Tip #6 – Safety First!

Be sure to assume an anonymous handle, i.e., member ID or user name, so that your privacy is assured. Never sign up with an online personals company that doesn’t provide anonymous email services!

Other safety tips include:

  • Use an e-mail address or cell phone number as an initial means of contact. Do not give out your home phone number.

  • If you're planning on meeting someone, tell at least two people where you're going, the person's name, their general description, and your expected time home.

  • Always meet someone in a neutral location. Never have them come to your home or place of work to pick you up.

  • Always meet someone in a public place, such as a restaurant, or a movie theatre.

  • Always be aware of the personal information you're revealing to a date.

  • Use common sense. If you get a bad "vibe" maybe it's time to end the date.

Bottom Line: Forget about acting cool, and think about acting real. The dates (and maybe even true love) will follow.

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