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Red Flags of Online Dating

Online dating in a medium where faith in a potential partner is being put at an all-time high risk, it is important to know if you're stepping blindly. If you're considering an online dating, or are currently in one, there are a few things you should be prepared to look out for. While each situation is unique, and it is important to go by your instinct, the following list should help you spot any red flags you might encounter.

RED FLAG#1: Personal Information
If the person is sharing or asking for personal information in the very first few meetings, that should be considered seriously. No matter how friendly the person is, considering online dating a little bit unsafe, one should in no case share or force the partner to share the personal information. Who knows if there is any truth in what is being shown to you. So always be on safe side and never disclose the personal information unless you are satisfied with your partner's information. Also don't send your photos. To be on safe side, while chatting or talking use some fake or made up name and also the email address should also be fake.

RED FLAG#2: No solid contact number
They do not have any solid contact numbers. If any of the following situations sound familiar, be prepared to further investigate the possibility of a situation you may not be aware of.

a) You progressed to contact them over the phone, but the problem is you can't ever contact them!
b) You have to page them for them to call you back. Only they will call you but you cannot.
c) They use a separate line. If so, try calling their main line at random times.
d) You can only call during certain periods of time. Again, if this applies to you, try calling at different time periods to see who answers the phone.

RED FLAG#3: Asks for financial help
Since you are dating only online, your relationship is not that deep yet your date is asking for financial help. Asking for funds may destroy the relationship which could become a long lasting relationship in future. If you or your date asks for money, it may show that the person's financial condition is not very sound which may push you away from your partner. Avoid getting into financial trouble by following a simple rule; "don't lend or borrow money".

RED FLAG#4: The efforts to continue the relationship
Are you the only one making an effort in altering your lifestyle to have this dating relationship ongoing? Do you notice no efforts on other's part? This is a telltale sign of things to come if you develop an off-line romance. You should be aware of the fact that no relationship exists for long with solely one person's efforts. If you find this happening to you, talk about it to your partner and ask them to meet you half way in your efforts.

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