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Meaning of Relationships Giving or Selfish

Relationships are something that most of us long for but only a few people have successfully developed. Relationships can be either giving nature or selfish in nature. Thos relationships that are giving are characterized by their mutual benefit of help each other and caring for the other person's needs. Selfish relationships are ones that are based upon getting what one wants out of the other person. The ideal standard of relationships is a giving one but unfortunately many of the relationships are exactly the opposite.

When people learn to take from each other most of the relationships do not develop beyond the selfish or profane. Each person becomes a path and not an end. As a path the person is used to get something else but if the person is seen as an end to a goal the relationship will be enhanced. Winston Churchill said, "We make a living from what we get; we make a life from what we give." Living and life were two different concepts for Winston.

When we maintain our bodies we are help ourselves live physically. However, life is something more and is a direct result of our approach to the world. Life is spiritual and the ability to give is a sign of a healthy life.

Sometimes we learn to be selfish in our approach to relationships due to the interaction and interpretations of people around us. If we have been abused and hurt by other people we may eventually come to the conclusion that everyone will hurt us and therefore we should use them because we can't expect "purity" in the future. Get what we can now! A problem results when relationships are continuously shallow in disposition.

The good guys and gals that would like to develop a relationship with us leave because they find the relationship superficial and unfulfilling. If you desire to truly develop something meaningful you are going to have to learn how to give without expecting anything back. Plant a see and let it grow.

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