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Islamic Weddings Follow Religious Traditions

Islamic weddings follow all the traditional religious customs, which have been laid down in their holy book. The most important part of the wedding among two Muslims will begin with the nikah ceremony. This is important because it is the time when the social contract is made between the Muslim bride and groom. At this time, it is not even important for the Muslim girl to be present.

She can be represented by her guardians at this ceremony. The Muslim groom then gives the gifts to the bride's side. If they wish so, the gifts can be given at a later time with the mutual consent.

The wedding customs for the Muslims will also include an engagement ceremony, called the Mangni. In this ceremony, the groom's family provides a dress for the bride, and the Muslim couple exchange rings. The customs of the Muslim culture stresses upon various restrictions when it comes to marriage. Though the Muslim families and supposed to invite all the people they know for the wedding, they must not take extra effort to spend money and bring people from faraway places. They have to spend within their limits, and they should not borrow money to conduct a wedding. A lot of Western traditions have become a part of Islamic marriages, and they should not make this part of their traditions.

One such tradition is displaying the bride on stage. The bride is not meant to be for public display, and she is supposed to be covered well too. She cannot display any parts of her body to the guests who are present at the Muslim marriage.

The Muslim bride's family too, must not indulge in spending too much for the feast that they will want to hold after the marriage. It is only the duty of the Muslim bridegroom's family to have a feast or Walima, and invite all friends and family members for the feast. The nikah ceremony must also never be delayed in a Islamic wedding, after the engagement has taken place. At the wedding, the guests must also remember to give gifts to the married Muslim couple only within their means. The gifts must also be bought within their means. The couple must also not make a show of receiving the gifts, and neither must the guests, as they give it.

The gifts in Islamic weddings must also be of use to the couple after their marriage. During the wedding ceremonies, the couple is not allowed to meet. They must also not meet after their engagement. They can only see each other after the entire wedding ceremonies are complete. Islam highly stresses upon a Muslim girl or boy getting married as soon as they reach a particular age. If the father of the bride is a religious figure, he may also perform the nikah ceremony, and it is considered legal in the Muslim marriage customs.

All Muslim weddings are conducted in the presence of a lot of family members and friends.

Islamic weddings - All weddings are conducted in the faith of God, and with the mutual consent of the couple.

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