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How To Use Dating Profiles To Mend That Lonely Heart

Online dating really has opened up great opportunities for singles to hook up with other like minded individuals across the country or even the world. Lonely hearts that would otherwise have never have met can now strike up instant friendships with the click of a mouse. However, sifting through the online dating profiles can be overwhelming, entertaining, and frightening.

If you fat, bald and ugly and generally unkempt, creating dating profiles can be great fun, as the virtual world of online singles allows anyone to be anybody they choose to be. However, you should create your online dating profile with a little restraint, as it's way too easy to go over the top. Ok, so everyone probably oversells themselves to some degree, and not many folks are going to highlight their character defects when creating dating profiles, but beefing up your profile to such an extent that not even you recognize your description, will leave you as lonely as the day you uploaded your personal details to the world. A profile that caught my eye one day was that of a lady who described herself as tall, slender, yet curvaceous, fun loving early 30's with a good sense of humor looking for fun nights out with a view to a long term relationship with the right person.

Well, she did have a photo with her profile, but to be honest I would never have guessed it was her when we met in the flesh! In fact it probably wasn't! She was a thin as a rake, as flat as carpenter's board, as timid as a mouse, about 40-45 years old, and told me she didn't like noisy places. I remember asking myself at the time what part of her even comes close to her dating profile! She went on to tell me that she's been trying to find 'Mr. Right' for over 2 years and blamed the online dating sites as being the problem. So folks, although it's okay to lift dating profiles up a notch or 2 in order to get other singles interested in your self advertisement, if you go too far overboard, you'll forever be rejected and end up as a lonely-heart lifer. Actually, it might even be worth underselling yourself a little in your dating profile. That way, your date will have a pleasant surprise on your first engagement when he or she sees that you're a whole lot more than your profile gave you credit for.

Of course, there are matchmaking tools on most sites, but unless the singles use them with honesty, what's the point! Remember, dating profiles are all about presenting yourself in the most favorable light, but that said you really do have to describe yourself in such a way that someone walking down the street will recognize you from your online profile. Additionally, if you keep your online dating profile positive, up to date, and with a nice photo along with a unique sounding username, you should have no trouble getting other singles clicking on your links and contacting you for further correspondence. Be honest, be yourself, and be positive, and you could be saying goodbye to your lonely heart sooner rather than later.

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