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How do you attract the most desirable, attractive and interesting women around? It must take a hell of a lot of money, muscles and bragging to attract these types of girls, you say? Nope, not at all. You just need to know the secrets and dirty tricks hidden from most men. Here's how it all breaks down: Most guys want a beautiful, intelligent and interesting woman as their girlfriend. Others just want to have sex with a hottie but that's exactly the same thing. If you want GET one, you need to know the dos and don'ts So I am going to list the most important rules to make this as simple as I can: First, if you are NICE to her or tell her how beautiful she looks, she will just ignore you. Every guy does that, and if you want to be like every man that wanted to pick her up or she has dated in the past, you won't go very far.

Think about it. What chances do you have if you do what everyone else does? You wouldn't be very different? That's why you don't offer an attractive woman a drink. You really don't want to be the 17th guy the same night who wants to buy her a drink, really. Second, don't let her know that you are hitting on her. If she sees that you are just talking to her because you just want her number and date her, it's over.

That's what she gets day in day out: Clingy and needy guys. If you want to get somewhere, you have to keep her on her toes, play a bit hard to get and be a challenge. If she sees that you are nice to her and tell her that she has a very beautiful smile, then she won't get sexually attracted to you. If you act needy, clingy or buy her a drink to get her number, she will get annoyed at you because you are just like every other guy. Third, if you aren't sure of yourself and come off as insecure . then she will walk all over you.

If you act nervous, are shaking in her presence and mumble . let me tell you she will not think you are sexy. Women don't think it's cute like the media tells you. They will think that you are nice and it was a nice try but they won't think you're right for her.

You got to be strong and confident here otherwise she will just turn her back on you. Fourth, don't back down if she gives you a little attitude like "why are you talking to me? Don't you have any friends? Go away". Remember it's a test to get rid of all the wimps and nice-guys that will just waste her time. She knows if she acts a bit cold and like a bitch, all those guys she doesn't want will leave her alone right there.

Hold your ground and chip away on her confidence by telling her "aww you are so cute, you remind me of my little bratty sister" . that will disarm her attitude within an instant. So next time you want to chat up a real hottie, you got to use a different approach. Try this: When she is near you, say "HEY!" .

to make her turn around and get your attention. Then say "You know what . you really SUCK! [pause] . you just walked by and didn't even smile/say hi". That's your way in. Keep teasing and busting her balls until she asks you for your name.

Remember, they are hotties.so you got to play a stronger game to get them! Until next time!.

Nick Shane is a street-smart Dating-Expert and author of the book "Playboyskool" and several other products that help regular guys like YOU become more successful with women and dating. Get his FREE online Dating Tips newsletter at www.Playboyskool.com

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