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Funny Wedding Toasts

Wedding toasts can be some of the most memorable parts of weddings. All the tension of the wedding is over. People have a drink in their hand, and they're making merry. Ties are loosened, and laughter fills the room. Do you have to give a wedding toast? Are you nervous? You should be.

This is the couple's big day, and you could ruin it! OK, it probably won't be that bad. But It makes sense for you to be nervous. Ultimately you should find a good guide to teach you how to create a wedding toast, but for now, here's some comic relief to take the edge off your nerves. Here are some funny thoughts: 1. Marrying is all about just obtaining a piece of paper.

Divorcing is just obtaining another ~Celeste Tan 2. Getting married for the fringe benefits is like buying a shirt for one of the buttons. 3. Want to remember your wife's birthday. Forget it once, and you should have no trouble remembering the next time. 4.

What would it be like to live in a world without men? There'd be no crime, and a lot of happy fat women. 5. If it weren't for marriage, men wouldn't know how wrong they are. 6. A groom told his bride that he would go through hell for her.

How right he was. 7. A happy man is one who can make more money than his wife spends. A happy woman is one who can find such a man. Now, we know these probably aren't helping that much with YOUR toast. But maybe they put a smile on your face, and now you can get to work on your toast.

Good luck!.

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