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Easy Steps To Be A Femme Fatale

No one is going to think you are a fabulous femme fatale unless you do. If you want to be a femme fatale, you have to start thinking like one. Sassy, stylish and mistress of her own domain, the femme fatale man magnet is instantly fabulous. You are fabulous.

The most important place to start in your dating travelogue is that distant land called. YOU!!! the never ending, ever fascinating tumultuous continent that is the size of the universe yet still fits between your eardrums. You are the stuff dreams are made of. You are the most interesting, scintillating, sexy, gorgeous beast that ever sauntered into this town. I am not saying this as your new best friend or to tug at your chain.

it is absolutely true. You must believe this, or your dating career is never going to get of the ground - let alone skyrocket. If you dont believe that you are fabulous, why would Mr Right Now? There are multitudinous benefits to being fabulous. Everything tastes better, feels better, looks better. Life is technicolour, not black and white and there is always a disco going on in your head.

When your fabulous your not frightened to reach for the stars. You're unabashed about sharing yourself with an adoring male public; not afraid of launching your meteorite into the dating universe. You can enjoy the soap opera, the mishaps, the madness that make up the world of dating.

Scream it from the rooftops; I am fabulous! 10 ways to fall in love with yourself. 1 ) Appreciate yourself When your falling in love with someone, every little thing they do lights a fire in your soul and loins. Do that with yourself.

Find out the things you love and enjoy about yourself. List 50 things and read it out aloud. Often. 2 ) Say Affirmations Write a list of positive statements about yourself.

As you read them out aloud, believe they are true, like "I am always being asked out." Make sure they are in the prepresent tense and you say them with enthusiasm and self-belief. 3 ) Change your self-image Imagine yourself as you ideally want to be - sexy, gorgeous, feminine. Mediate on this feeling for 5 minutes a day and return to it whenever you remember. Fake it till you make it. Keep practising and you will soon feel like this for real.

4 ) Take a risk Doing things we are afraid of builds self-esteem. It expands our notions of who we are. So do something you have always wanted to do - jump out of a plane or learn to swim.

5 ) Talk nicely to yourself We bombard ourselves with thoughts all day and its easy for them to get out of hand. Be aware of how you talk to yourself and be kinder. Direct your thoughts in an uplifting way. 6 ) See the positive Be a blue sky miner. See the positive in every situation. It is not what happens to you, but what you do with it that counts.

7 ) Become your own best friend You are the person you are spending your life with. Dates, husbands, friends may come and go but you are here to stay. Become the best friend, mentor, life coach you ever had. Encourage yourself to be who you want to be. 8 ) Do the things you love Perform as many pleasure rituals as you can each week.

This may be as simple as lighting candles, getting a massage, or cooking your favourite meal. 9 ) Do things that make you feel beautiful There are some things that make every woman feel beautiful - a spritz of perfume, a good blowjob ( for your hair, that is. ), painting your nails. Make sure you do things that make you feel gorgeous. Build them into your schedule. 10 ) Enjoy the things you loathe Try to do less of the things you dislike doing.

But if you have to go to Aunt Ethel's 80th birthday, decide your going to enjoy it. If you absolutely must clean the house, do it in a leopard-skin negligee thats been spray painted on, music blaring. Follow your joy. Dating breeds dating.

The more dates you go on, the more dates you attract. Girls who have made it a practice to date regularly are never short of one, while women who dont date end up gathering mothballs. Which aura will you radiate? Of course being a dating Queen takes time. Sure it can be champagne buckets of fun but make sure it doesn't completely eclipse your life.

You still need time to catch up with your sewing circle. And dont put up with any date that isnt a good time. If he's in a bad mood or just not your type, make an excuse and leave early.

Every month or so, check in with yourself and think what you could do to make your life even more brimful of pure pleasure. Don't rely on just men to deliver this. You must manufacture your own source of ectasy. If you want to visit a beauty spa or sip margaritas by the Mediterranean, then just do it. Disco till dawn with Spanish studs who've got cheek bones like cut glass. you won't regret it.

Be open to opportunities. Create your own destiny. If you think good things never happen, you are right.

If you think life is an exciting adventure full of eligible bachelors, you are right. You choose.

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