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Divorce Court Records

It's bad enough that a marriage has to end in divorce, worse still if it ends up in the courts to officiate the affair. That happens when the separation cannot be agreed amicably and privately between the couple. As a result, they incur extra pain and inconvenience, often ironically dragging loved ones such as the children into prolonged agony. No, divorces are never joyful but the courts have no feelings. Divorce court hearings are public premises.

They are open to everybody and divorce court records are public records. Anyone is free to retrieve and use anybody's divorce court records. There are variations in its accessibility and use from state to state but as long as they are complied with, it is a legal right. They can be requested from public offices or purchased from commercial outfits. The information found in divorce court records can be rather private and confidential.

Personal particulars of the couple, along with some degree of those of their parents and children are standard. Time and place of divorce and the reason for it, filing number, decree, asset and liability division, finances, alimony and other settlement details, restraining orders and even divorce certificates are other possible inclusion. Divorce court records is a good source of information when conducting marital background check on someone, investigating legal issues, genealogy research and tracing natural parents in the case of adopted or separated children. It may also be required as proof of eligibility in the case of divorcees applying for a license to remarry. Divorce court records can be requested free-of-charge from the public agency tasked with the function. It can be done by mail, telephone, walk-in, or fax.

Nowadays, the online option is becoming increasingly available and popular. There's also the paid version commercially available from professional information brokers for those who find DIY with the public offices too much of a hassle. And why not if you can dish out that few dollars, for they're generally well worth it?.

For more savvy tips and resources on how to go about conducting Divorce Court Records searches and other related information, visit Divorce Records Online.

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