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Top Dating Tips for Women

If you are a woman looking to meet a man for friendship or a possible love connection, the following tips will help you succeed:

* When you choose your user name, try to be creative. You want the men to stop when they see your name rather than simply pass you by with all the other common names.

* Be a little bit flirty in your headline. You want the headline of your profile to be short but punchy. You can capture someone’s attention without being too aggressive. The time to be fun and show off your sense of humor is when writing your profile headline.

* Make sure you have photos in your profile that include both a headshot and full body shot. Let us face it - men are visual so photos that show your personality are perfect. For instance, if you have a new puppy, have a photo taken in an outdoor setting of you and your canine friend.

* When you respond to a man, avoid writing a novel. Women by nature tend to overdo the responses with online dating services. Therefore, answer any questions, be witty, and then ask a few questions of your own without it running into a 20-page reply.

* Respond to everyone. Although this may seem like a daunting task, it is important. The reason is that many online dating services show the number or percentage of responses for each member. Therefore, if you were only to respond to 10% of the messages you receive, someone may not feel confident in writing to you at all. However, if someone sees that you respond to 80% of your messages or more, they will be more apt to contact you.

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