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Celebrity Relationships Are Reese and Ryan Ready to Throw in the Towel

After marrying young and sticking it out for seven years through the birth of two children and the making of more than 25 movies, will Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe give up on their marriage now? From what I know about people born on March 22 (Reese) and September 10 (Ryan), it's amazing that their marriage has lasted this long. Most people with those birthdays would have been too commitment-phobic to say "I do" in the first place. Were they compelled to marry when they did because Reese was six months pregnant? Folks with those birthdays are practically incapable of being in a committed relationship for very long.

They tend to be impatient, ambitious, fickle, selfish and money-hungry. They're creative and energetic and can easily juggle two jobs in order to get ahead in their career. Their daily schedule is full of non-stop phone calls and appointments.

They love to travel and their work usually requires that they spend a lot of time away from home. A marriage might survive if only one spouse had those characteristics. The problem is, Reese and Ryan both fit that description. How do I know this? Because they are both operating from the same Subtle Energy Blueprint. ? This means they have many similar characteristics and they face the same challenges in life. Like anyone born on March 22 (Reese) and September 10 (Ryan), they fear they have to choose between having love and having a career.

They believe they cannot have both. What they may not realize is that their marriage is the perfect classroom for learning their greatest lessons in life. Their "homework assignment" is to trust that they can love each other and have satisfying careers at the same time. They must learn to trust that having one does not mean they have to give up the other. They knew instinctively when they married that this would be their biggest challenge.

They made a pact that only one of them would work at a time. They wanted a family and they both wanted to be there for their children. Their careers continued to blossom in the limelight of Hollywood, they worked hard on their marriage, and they appeared to be devoted parents. It looked as though they were perfectly happy . . .

until they announced they were going to separate. What happened? For one thing, Reese (age 30) is going through a challenging year predicted by her subtle energy blueprint. One of her closest relationships (with Ryan?) is scheduled to come to an end. In October when they announced their separation, Reese's subtle energy blueprint showed a double transit that could be interpreted as "Ryan having a secret affair" and "difficult break-up." Like anyone born on March 22, Reese has a tendency to overreact.

Whether or not Ryan is having an affair with a co-star, Reese's imagination is undoubtedly running wild due to the rumors. Without Ryan around to calm her down, Reese is on her own to figure out what to do next. No matter how hard he tries to be faithful, Ryan (or anyone born on September 10) is going to get bored easily in one relationship. He is likely to be in at least three serious, exclusive relationships during his life. Although he sincerely wants a secure, loving home life, he doesn't want to be stuck within the confines of one marriage for the rest of his life.

He needs to keep his options open. When they met on Reese's 21st birthday, Ryan's subtle energy blueprint showed up in Reese's subtle energy blueprint as someone she could really talk to. That year Reese was destined to meet a lover from a past life and begin a love relationship that would be a blessing in her life. When they married two years later, Ryan was destined to begin a new karmic relationship. Reese's subtleenergy blueprint showed up in Ryan's blueprint as someone he would be romantically involved with.

Their marriage, which started on June 5, 1999, was destined to be full of challenges, however. A couple who marries on that day will be restless, fickle, and discontent, but they will put on the appearance of having a great marriage. They will take on jobs they don't like because they are paid well and because they are afraid to take a risk. Next year when Reese is 31 and Ryan is 33, their subtle energy blueprints indicate a double dose of difficult endings.

Their divorce could become final. Projects they are working on could fizzle. They may feel disappointed and depressed about the way life has turned out. It will be important for them to let go of their relationship if it no longer serves a purpose. Only time will tell.

Krista Goering has been a Master Reader of Relationships for more than 10 years. She brings a knowledge of human nature, astrology and the Subtle Energy Blueprint (TM) to do readings of people's relationships. Your birthday tells a lot about you and the person you are in a relationship with. To learn the Secrets of Celebrity Relationships, visit her new blog at http://www.celebrity-relationships.com.

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